Red Tights With Prints


Our pantyhose from Oh! Tights are made to enhance any type of clothing you wear, whether it is to wear them during the day like: “street fashion” or at night in cocktails or parties, they will guarantee you to be spectacular in any event.
<p class=”p4″>The pantyhose of Oh! Tights are soft, durable and elegant, ideal also for the seasonal transition months, as they can be worn in spring or autumn, adding color to your style while keeping your legs warm enough at any time of the year.</p>
<p class=”p4″>If you want to add a plus of color to your style, these nylon stockings will not disappoint you, they are very light to wear.</p>
<p class=”p4″>Investing in a new pair of colorful pantyhose is a much cheaper way to upgrade your trendy clothes this season, than replacing half of the clothes in your closet.</p>

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Title: Red Tights with Black Prints

Red Nylon tights with black print. Tights High waist, red pantyhose. 50 Den. 60’s style.


OH!Tights’Colors  are tights for women in vibrant colors which can fit with any style.


Exlusive design, Pattern made in Spain, limited edition


90% Polyamide10% Elastane

Hand-washing is recommended / Do not use machine-dried / Do not bleach / Do not iron


S/M , L , XL


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