Pantyhose ‘HEARTS’


Our pantyhose from Oh! Tights are made to enhance any type of clothing you wear, whether it is to wear them during the day like: “street fashion” or at night in cocktails or parties, they will guarantee you to be spectacular in any event.

The pantyhose of Oh! Tights are soft, durable and elegant, ideal also for the seasonal transition months, as they can be worn in spring or autumn, adding color to your style while keeping your legs warm enough at any time of the year.

If you want to add a plus of color to your style, these nylon stockings will not disappoint you, they are very light to wear.

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Oh! Tights / White pantyhose with hearts printed in fun colors for girls from 6 to 12 years old.

Stockings of 40 Den. suitable for any time of the year.

Children’s raw white pantyhose printed by hand with cheerful and colorful heart motifs

our girl’s stockings of “Oh! Tights Kids” are an ideal complement to the children’s wardrobe on any occasion and time of year.

The model “Hearts” of 40 Den. With an exclusive design are resistant and durable girl stockings their soft touch and elasticity make a perfect complement to any children’s party dress since they can be combined with any color of garment.

Expand and renew your wardrobe with these exclusivities. Our socks are exclusive since they are printed by hand in Spain, you will not find them in stores and their edition is limited.


Our Oh!tights “Kids” are made on a fabric mixture of polyamide and elastane that make the garment not deform even after multiple washes maintaining its shape and elasticity.

The printing system we use makes the color pigment melt with the fabric of the garment achieving a more durable color and leaving no traces of ink in the stockings thus achieving more safety for children and respecting the environment.


Models for kids de Oh! Tights we have available in 3 sizes

from 6 to 8 years

from 8 to 10 years

from 10 to 12 years

To make sure you order the correct size measure the length of your girl’s leg and compare it with the photo of our measurement table, Our pantyhose are very elastic giving greater margin of slack adapting very well to the body of any girl.


Oh! Tights also offers the possibility of customizing its pantyhose for teams or groups of gymnasts, dancers or any type of event that need their nylon stockings customized with your logo or brand of equipment, for which we have our own team of designers and freelancers for any type of suggestion. For special sizes or those that are not on our website, consult


Preferably we advise always washing by hand with cold or warm water, placing them in a container or laundry room with a delicate detergent, thus leaving them submerged about 10 to 15 mint. Rub them gently to remove dirt and dry them gently without twisting with a towel or cloth (to shorten the drying time) and let them air dry and not over a heat source. Do not dry in a dryer. Do not iron.

We can also machine wash with a program for delicate garments of cold water and wrapped in a bag of nets using mild detergents.



6-8 yo, 8-10 yo, 10-12 yo


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