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At OhTights we are much more than a brand of printed pantyhose and leotards; We create unique and high-quality designs handmade in Barcelona.

Discover Oh Tights: fantasy pantyhose socks for women, exclusive!

We have good news for lovers of fantasy pantyhose for women. In Ohtights we premiere new collection 2019 and we do it with a lot of style, keep reading to discover the new and fun fantasy panties of Ohtights 2019-2010!

Pantyhose Women’s Fantasy Stockings Ohtights: a different concept in fashion

Special accessories, especially those that dress women’s legs (whether they are leotards, leggings, combinations, lingerie, panties, garters and socks or others) can make a lot of difference when it comes to our clothes and style. If you are a lover of stockings and pantyhose, surely you already know it and that, in addition, you are always looking for new trusted brands that offer you something different and quality.

There are not many brands that offer women’s stockings and fantasy panties, but at Ohtights we offer you much more:

1) Ohtights: Designs by avant-garde artists on your skin

If you want to add a completely original fantasy pantyhose to your wardrobe, bet on Ohtights. The designs of our pantyhose are made by authentic avant-garde contemporary designers and artists. Thus, by buying Ohtights, you also make known the work of avant-garde artists and wear authentic art on your legs.

2) High quality women’s fantasy pantyhose

In addition to cutting-edge designs, our Ohtights fantasy pantyhose offers you great quality. Discover a soft and resistant pantyhose, comfortable and ideal for both summer and winter, with a professional print made by the hand of experts.

3) Exclusive pantyhose: You won’t find them in other stores

Our designs are exclusive and unique, so you won’t find these same designs or prints printed on stockings or pantyhose from other brands.

4) A very interesting price… with VAT and shipping included

The price of Ohtights panty is really competitive (perhaps the cheapest) when we talk about women’s fantasy panty socks in the market but, in addition, within this price, VAT and transport to your home are included.

Thus, with Ohtights you can receive in your home, for only € 17 (as we said, with transport and VAT included) a high quality fantasy panty with exclusive designs by avant-garde artists.

What are the pantyhose of Fantasía Ohtights like?

In Ohtights we are specialists in pantyhose but we flee from the classic and colorless style to which all the manufacturers of socks have accustomed us.

We bet on a different style: innovative stockings, with a lot of color and joy, oriented to a more modern and urban woman: fantasy pantyhose, sexy, with strips, crosses, panty with lace, floral, with less common colors (such as pink fantasy panty, red, gray, black, white, purple panty …).

>> Fantasy, flowers, with tiger drawing… this is the new Ohtights 2019-2020 Collection

If you want to add really original and colorful pantyhose to your wardrobe, we recommend that you do not miss the exclusive models of our new New Collection 2019-2020.

Access them from the “Store” tab of this website.

>> Ohtights: a Fantasy Pantyhose for any season

Another advantage of Ohtights is that, when choosing which product to include in your cart, you do not have to worry about seasons or temperatures, our Ohtights averages are 40 deniers, which means that their thread is of an average thickness. This means that our pantyhose is neither too thick nor too thin and you can use them at any time of the year.To give you an idea, it could be said that pantys that have from 15 deniers (up to 30 deniers) are usually sold for summer time due to the thinness of their fabric, while pantyhose of 40 to 50 deniers, due to their thickness, are more intended to dress us in the winter seasons.

>> More advantages: Choose your size easily

It does not make you a specialist in sizes, with our ‘Guide to Ohtights Sizes’ it will be very easy for you to know what your ideal panty size is. You can find our size guide next to each of our products, inside our store, you will find it very easy to use it!

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Returns, payment methods, shipping details, purchase information or other questions… for all this we put at your disposal all the information of our website and blog, as well as a team of professionals who will assist you in a personalized way, from Monday to Friday, on the phones (+34) 934-511-133 and (+34) 677-237-507. You can also contact us through our e-mail address,, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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