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At OhTights we are much more than a brand of printed pantyhose and leotards; We create unique and high-quality designs handmade in Barcelona.

Join the tattoo tights fashion: what they are and what are their benefits

Fashion is one of those things that is always changing and renewing, because most people are always looking to look fantastic. That is why from Ohtights we seek to innovate to offer our customers the best products, such as tattoo tights.

For some time now, the trend for tattoo tights has been increasing, to the point that today they are used all over the world. In addition, many women are fans of stockings and that is why we focus on their needs and offer them the best panties.

We love to see a more colorful and lively world, and our panties reflect that feeling. We capture all that in the prints so that you have totally unique models.

What is a Tattoo Tights?

A tattoo tights is basically a transparent half panti that has a print that in turn creates an optical effect that simulates wearing a tattoo. These stockings are transparent so that at first glance they can not be seen, however, the tattoo stamped on it can be seen clearly. The combination of these two factors makes the tattoo look very realistic.

This garment has become a trend and more and more women around the world use them. The truth is that they are very attractive and many come to have prints so artistic that they attract the eyes of all.

What are the main advantages of Tattoo tights?

The truth is that this type of tattoo tights have a series of advantages that make buying them a very good option. Next, we will see some of the most remarkable advantages.

No tattoos: There are many women around the world who would like to have tattoos, but for various reasons they cannot have them. From allergies to tattoo ink, work, religious reasons, etc. But with these pantis you will not have any problems, as it will allow you to wear a beautiful tattoo.

Better than temporary tattoos: Some people opt for a temporary tattoo so they can use their skin as a canvas. However, if one night you want to wear a tattoo, but the next day you don’t, you can’t do it, as these tattoos last a few days. On the other hand, with the stockings it will only be enough to take them off to get rid of it.

Wear a new tattoo every day: one of the biggest advantages of using these tattoo tights is that you will only need to change your stockings to wear a new tattoo.

Spectacular designs: there are many models to choose from, you will even find some quite artistic ones that you can wear with great pride.

What types of pantyhose can you find in our store?

We know that you are as unique as our stockings, which is why we have designed a wide variety of them to suit your needs. You can find from classic stockings for those who want to look elegant to stockings with designs for those who are looking for something more fashionable and that attracts the attention of all eyes.

Tattoo Thigts

Tattoo tights are undoubtedly our star product. We have transparent stockings with tattoo prints that are extremely realistic, with different designs so you can choose one that represents you. They are a good way to show off a beautiful tattoo without going through the whole process that comes with getting a tattoo.

In our online store we have several different models from which you can choose. You have artistic patterns, colors, figures and letters in different sizes. They all adapt perfectly to the contour of your legs making you look like a tattoo that will not distinguish if it is real or not.

Colored stockings

For the most classic girls we have colored stockings without prints that will allow you to look simple and elegant. We have several colors so you can combine them with the rest of the garments.

They are designed with premium raw material to ensure that they are durable stockings, with a delicate and soft touch. We have different colors among which are white, black, mustard, blue, red, yellow and violet. This variety of colors will allow you to combine them with a large number of different garments. This will allow you to show off your socks in any place and event, whether formal or informal.

Printed colored stockings

This collection of printed colored pantyhose is designed for the most daring girls who like to be the center of attention. With our printed stockings you can look fashionable and steal many looks.

We have a whole line of models of prints, from geometric patterns, through simple designs to more artistic and striking styles that will make you look spectacular. We have more than a dozen different models so you can choose the one you like the most and adapt to your style of dress.

Get to know the main characteristics of our pantyhose stockings

At Ohtights we love to please our customers so we put all our effort and passion into each of the pieces we create. All this is reflected in each of the tattoo tights and printed pantis that we design. But there are a few more things that characterize our products and they are these:

  • Unique designs: we have the best and most beautiful designs that you will not find anywhere else. In Ohtights we have the best designers and artists who will give you elegant pieces with their own style.
  • High quality that adapts perfectly to your figure: our panties are designed to last, that is why first class materials are used. These adapt perfectly to your silhouette and do not stretch easily so they do not deform and will look perfect on each occasion.
  • Precios competitivos: sin duda, algo que nos caracteriza es nuestra excelente relación calidad-precio. Nuestros pantis son uno de los más económicos de todo el mercado español.
  • Straight to the door of your home: buy our pantis and receive in the comfort of your home. You don’t need to go to a store, just buy from our website and we take care of getting it home.
  • We ship anywhere in Spain and the world: our commitment is that all women in the world wear beautiful legs. That’s why we offer shipping to all over the world, so you don’t have to worry if you live on another continent, Ohtights gets as far as you are.

What are you waiting for? Enter now and discover all the surprises we have for you 😉